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Domain, Hosting and SSL certificates

Domain and Hosting

This is basically the "name" of your website. It´s the text between the "www." and the ".com"
Of course you can choose between .com, (if your business is based in the UK), .es (if your business is based in Spain), etc.
It will need to be checked whether the domain is already taken or not.

This is the "room" that you need to upload your website. The size and features of "the room" will depend on what kind of website you want.
If, for example, you want to create an Online Shop, you will need a big room, but if you just want a website to be made known, with some pictures of your work and a contact form, you will need a small room.
The beautiful thing in this, is not how big is your room, but how you decorate it.


SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates.
In a nutshell, this is what says to your customers browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explores, Safari...) that your website is safe.
You will see a padlock like this:

And your website will go from HTTP to HTTPS (Secure)

Some time ago, this was only important for Online Shops, because the customers were skeptical to write their card number in a website without a padlock, but nowadays it has become essential for all the websites, as Google consider those website with SSL certificates as "good websites", and ranks them better.

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